Building scalable dApps with Ethereum, Polygon and Fauna

  • On-chain or L1 chain — The primary, public blockchain. When a new transaction occurs on-chain, the transaction is added directly to the blockchain. Example: Ethereum.
  • Sidechains and L2 chains — Secondary blockchain or protocol implementations that can interface with each other and with the primary chain. Every so often they submit an aggregation of their recent blocks back to the primary chain. Example: Polygon, Optimistic Rollups, zkRollups.
  • Off-chain data — Data that is stored outside the primary and secondary blockchains, but is important to the functionality of the dApp. Examples: Private wallet addresses, user profiles, application data.

Application pattern for scaling dApps

Key Database Requirements for Off-chain Data in dApps

Fine-grained Data Security

Ecosystem-friendly Query Interface

Multi-variable Indexing

Fauna for Off-chain Data

Attribute-based Access Control (ABAC)

Built-in GraphQL

Advanced Indexing

Distributed database that guarantees consistency

Track and trace capability

Build your off-chain databases in Fauna



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